A Different Approach

In the race against a global pandemic, a simple and easy-to-use ventilator saves lives.  Built from readily-available components at a lower cost than entrenched manufacturers, Ventelligent brings life-saving solutions at a critical time.

Active development in progress, check back for updates in coming days.

Leveraging a Globally Diverse Team

Ventelligent brings concepts to market far faster than a traditional medical device manufacturer, leveraging the knowledge of experts worldwide along with open-source technologies, enhanced by decades of engineering talent.

About Ventelligent



With decades of medical device research and development experience, our team combines solid research with world-class engineering talent to bring technology to market more quickly than traditional companies.

Our goal: save lives by providing critical medical technology just in time for patients who need it most.

Combining compassion and professionalism reminds our customers that we are here to serve them, not our shareholders.